Welcome to a musical, magical and multi-sensory
jungle experience!

My little one loves Jungle Jiggle, its hard to pick a favourite animal as she loves them all!”

“A fab music and singing group, the songs get stuck in your head!!”

“Absolutely loved the lights and bubbles and couldn’t stop smiling”

Welcome to our magical jungle world!

Let us tell you more about how this fabulous imaginary land has been carefully designed and created with your little ones development at the very centre.

We are Kay and Amy, two mums from Worcester. and whilst our children were little we went to, and thoroughly enjoyed, a wide range of toddler music groups and from attending these groups we could clearly see how much our own children grew in confidence and developed their skills through the freedom of music.

However, it was not only our children who enjoyed the groups, we did too. It was a chance to meet other mums, grab a coffee afterwards and develop friendships.

Our own children are now at school, so we were ready to do something for ourselves. so, with a background in child development plus 7 years experience of working with young children between us and with our mutual love of music, designing something musical to develop babies and young children couldn’t have been more perfect!

So…..we designed and created Jungle Jiggle, a music group and so much more… we have 6 wonderful jungle characters which little ones gravitate to, connect with, and have lots of fun with really quickly, its hard to pick a favourite! We have lights, bubbles, a magic pond, a hot air balloon and if that’s not enough there’s our music. Our music is all brand new, unique and written especially for Jungle Jiggle, all our songs are very catchy with a mixture of tempo and genres, be warned…. our songs are guaranteed to get stuck in your head!

We have worked very hard but are extremely proud of Jungle Jiggle and the imaginary world for babies and young children we have created and our passion for developing children comes across in our classes.

We run 2 types of classes,

Jungle Crawlers, this is a fabulous group for our lovely babies who are not yet walking. designed perfectly for little ones who are lying, rolling, sitting and crawling. Let your little ones curiosity get the better of them as they start to reach for things, track our lights, enjoy different textures and sounds and enjoy all the fun our multi sensory sessions have to offer

Once your little ones are confident on their feet they move into our Jungle Explorers sessions which welcome walkers right through to Pre School age. This is a very broad mixture of ages and abilities and really great fun.  These classes and full of dancing, singing, counting, stamping, clapping, imaginary play and lots lots more.

Carefully following the Early Years Foundation Stages we have designed both classes to develop your little ones fine and gross motor skills, first language skills, confidence, imagination and much much more,

Please see our ‘classes’ page for further details of our session times and locations.

Do we host birthday parties? . Oh yes of course we love doing birthday parties. We host fabulous jungle themed birthday parties for 5 years and under and can cater for up to 30 guests! just think, whole school class parties taken care of! We have over 25 different party games to choose from, plus a visit from our fabulous ‘Reggie the Elephant’ can be arranged! pop over to our ‘Parties Page’ to find out more…

Can we visit your Nursery or Pre School? Of course we can! As we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage  our sessions fit nicely into any nursery or Pre School curriculum and brings a morning or day of fun and excitement to your setting. Please contact us for further details using our ‘Contact Us’ form.


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