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Baby and toddler music classes filled with

storytelling and multisensory magic!

Jungle Jiggle is a music group for babies and toddlers which gives you a multisensory experience!

A baby and toddler music group with a difference, Jungle Jiggle gives parents the chance to take their little ones to an imaginary land where music and stories bring their imaginations to life.

The baby and toddler music group sessions have been specifically designed to use the guiding principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage, to allow your baby or toddler to develop a wide range of skills, while they are simply having fun! With baby and toddler classes running across Worcestershire, you are sure to find a session where you can step into a world of learning through play.

Jungle Jiggle sessions are adapted for children at the beginning of this journey (from 3 months old), and parents of toddlers up to the age of three. This phase of life is a fast evolution for families and Jungle Jiggle responds to the different social, emotional and learning needs of these phases of your child’s life.

Our baby and toddler music group sessions are mostly structured around music and storytelling, with our very own crew of Jungle Jiggle characters that the children find connections with quickly and easily, allowing them to immerse themselves in the experience, along with you.

Lights, bubbles, magic ponds and hot air balloons all help us to bring the world of Jungle Jiggle to life, along with our completely unique, specially composed music tracks that hook the children in with their catchy tunes!

  • My daughter has been going to Jungle Jiggle since she was 5 months old, she is now 13 months. We both love the original songs which definitely appeal to both adults and children alike, we play the CDs in the car, a word of warning though, there are some fantastic ear worms and you’ll find yourself singing them absolutely everywhere! Kay is dedicated to child development with an array of activities to capture the attention, wonder and imagination of our little ones, and of course there’s a whole lot of fun!
    We also attend the intergenerational sessions that Kay arranges with local care homes, it is so heart warming to see the residents and little people play together and genuinely enjoy each other’s company. We have all heard of the rewards and benefits of such interactions in the media, but seeing your baby being part of this is so special and I thank Kay and Jungle Jiggle for making this possible. I can’t recommend Jungle Jiggle enough to parents, families and carers. If you’re looking for a friendly class, with fun music, dance and sensory activities then look no further.
    Helen S. - 4th February 2020
  • What can I say... Kay did the most fantastic party for my 5 year old last weekend. it was amazing from start to finish and so many people commented how great she was at keeping 30 (yes 30!!!!) kids completely engaged. My 1 year old and I do jungle jiggle on a friday so I know how great she is with babies but never did I imagine how amazing she could be with the older ones. One dad when he got home said it was the best kids party he had ever been to... if that doesn't sell it I don't know what will! thankyou so so much Kay for giving Oli such a wonderful day... he asked if he could stay there forever xxx
    Jess S. - 21st December 2019

  • My daughter who is 2 and a half absolutely loved this class, especially the characters. A very warm and welcoming class. A biscuit and a cuppa for the adults at the end was also a nice touch. Will definitely be returning
    Joanne - 16th November 2019

  • Jungle Jiggle is a wonderful, bright, friendly and fun class. My little boy loves all the animals, the songs and themes. We love using the parachute to climb up into the trees, flying around in space and splashing in the pond! 🦁🐵🐘🐊🐠 The people are welcoming, the songs are catchy and the sticker charts are great 👍 I highly recommended the classes from an early age onwards as it lets your little one explore and interact easily 😀
    Jo G. - 12th November 2019
  • Attended the class today for the first time with my 10 month old daughter. We had a lovely time. Great songs, lots of props and relaxed atmosphere 😊
    Sally H., 12th November 2019

  • My daughter and I have been going since she was 8 weeks old and is now 17 months. Just booked another term, it’s like being part of a family. My daughter has made so many friends and so have I! Kay and Amy are so welcoming and brilliant with all the babies/kids. My daughter loves all the music and the different toys and musical instruments to play with. Plus the bubbles at the end!!!! ❤️
    Victoria B. - 11th August 2019

  • Our lovely residents at Red Hill Nursing Home always look forward to Jungle Jiggle visiting. Young and old have so much fun. Thank you 😘😘
    Sarah B. - 27th June 2019

  • I absolutely love bringing Thomas to Jungle Jiggle. Kay is brilliant with the babies, and it is lovely seeing Thomas and the other children grow in confidence each week. The group has the perfect balance of music, toys and sensory activities, and I enjoy it too as the other Mums are so lovely. We have bought the Jungle Jiggle CD as the soundtrack is so good - it even stops Thomas crying in the car which doesn't work with any other music!
    Sarah W. - 1st February 2019

  • Me and my son came to this group when he was around 6 months old, he absolutely loved it and I also enjoyed socialising with other mums, I went back to work after my maternity leave ended and the days didn’t fit in with my work days so we had probably a 6 month break then. He’s now coming up to 2 and we have been coming again for a good few months and he enjoys it just as much! Kay is so lovely and interactive, it’s amazing!
    Grace H. - 9th December 2018

  • From day one both of us (me and Will) had so much fun with Kay. She knows how to keep babies and toddlers entertained, we’ve learned new songs and love them all! Kay puts her whole heart into each session. X
    Ula S. - 25th August 2018



Jungle Crawlers: Classes for Babies

A Music group for Babies that are rolling, sitting and crawling.

This baby class allows your littlest one to explore through a range of experiences. Using all of their senses, your baby will enjoy our multisensory approach.

Allow their curiosity to take them where they want to go with their explorations as they reach for objects, track the lights, touch different textures, see different colours and hear all the music around them.



Jungle Explorers: Classes for Toddlers 

 For little ones that are confident on their feet, our toddler music class is specifically designed to be adapted for walkers all the way through to preschool age.

As a result of this broad mixture of ages in this class, the sessions are wonderful!

To see the children learning from those that are older than them, to see the older children working with younger children; the session allows collaboration and sharing that really develops their children’s communication, language and social skills.

This toddler class is full of dancing, singing, stamping, clapping and so much more! Our sessions give the children the chance to develop across physical, social, emotional and artistic skillsets as well as more academic skills too, including numeracy and literacy.

Carefully following the Early Years Foundation profile, you will find that this toddler group develops fine and gross motor skills, self-confidence and allows their imagination to thrive through a ‘Learning through Play’ approach that is child centered and based in early childhood educational research.

Have a Jungle Jiggle Birthday Party 

We host fabulous jungle themed birthday parties for 5 years and under and can cater for up to 30 guests! The perfect solution for whole class parties- taken care of by Jungle Jiggle!

We have over 25 different party games to choose from, plus a visit from our fabulous ‘Reggie the Elephant’ can also be arranged.

Jungle Jiggle in Nursery and Preschools  

As we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage, our sessions fit into any nursery or Pre School curriculum and brings a morning or day of fun and excitement to your setting.



Why a Music group for babies and Toddlers?  

Children are born into the world ready to ‘decode sounds and words around them’ Mary Luehrisen, a music advocate dedicated to music education and promoting support for music education, adds that those inborn capacities need to be “reinforced, practiced, celebrated,” Here at Jungle Jiggle we will work hard to develop and enhance these natural abilities.

Research into how music is used in the ‘early years education’ has shown numerous benefits in children’s development

A specific study into ‘Exploring the impact of musical activities on the development of pre-school age children’ found that children partaking in long term structured music-making activities…

  • Had an increased vocabulary, as they practiced new words and vocalisations through song
  • Developed an understanding of rhyme and how it works in language
  • Had an increased ability to listen and respond to spoken instructions; learning the expectations and need for following instruction
  • Learned the concept of how conversation works through turn taking ie. taking turns to ‘speak’ in a musical manner clap, sing and play
  • Developed a greater control of their voices, high/low, loud/quiet
  • Had an increased ability in telling their own stories and engaging their imagination, initiating their own ideas into songs

(Extracted from ‘Turning their ears on, keeping their ears open. Exploring the impact of musical activities on the development of pre-school age children’, Youth Music research report 2006)

Music and Movement for Babies and Toddlers  

Through music and movement children can develop coordination, aiding their physical and muscular development. They can explore small fine motor movements ie. Grasping and larger gross motor skills such as jumping, balance, stretching, and crawling

Children can use music and movement to express their feelings and emotions, they may not be able to convey in other ways. It can help them to learn acceptable outlets and relieve tension.

Music and Imaginative Play for Babies and Toddlers  

Music can give children the platform and opportunity to explore and create an imaginary world that stimulates their own creativity. A box can become a drum, a stick can be transformed into a horn or here at Jungle Jiggle a boom whacker can become a telescope for exploring on our Jungle Journey. The possibilities are endless!

We look forward to enhancing your child’s development through our interactive sessions

Music and Maths for Babies and Toddlers  

In addition to this, research has shown that there is a connection between music and the development of mathematical thinking. Mathematical concepts can be developed as children sing counting songs.

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