Welcome to Jungle Jiggle!

Baby, Toddler and Preschool  music classes with a difference! 

Taking you and your little one on a fun filled jungle journey filled with music, props, puppets and multisensory magic!

Our sessions are filled with fun, colours, props and puppets bringing you a jungle world full of sensory and imaginative play that develops strength, movement, vocabulary confidence and imaginations 

Our baby and toddler music group sessions have been specifically designed to use the guiding principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage, to allow your baby or toddler to develop a wide range of skills, while they are simply having fun! 

Our baby and toddler classes run in Worcester, bringing you sessions where you can step into a world of learning through play.

Jungle Jiggle sessions are adapted for children at the beginning of this journey (from 3 months old), and parents of toddlers up to the age of three. 

This phase of life is a fast evolution for families and Jungle Jiggle responds to the different social, emotional and learning needs of these phases of your child’s life.

Our baby and toddler music group sessions are structured around music, sensory and imaginary play, with our very own crew of Jungle Jiggle characters that the children find connections with quickly and easily, allowing them to immerse themselves in the experience, along with you.

Lights, bubbles, magic ponds and hot air balloons all help us to bring the world of Jungle Jiggle to life, along with our completely unique, specially composed music tracks that hook the children in with their catchy tunes!